M'sian Regrets His Decision After Realising His Mercedes-Benz Requires RM80,000 To Fix

It is believed that the Mercedes Benz GLC200 drove through the floodwater, causing its engine to break down.

Cover image via Mercedes-Benz & Facebook via China Press

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A Malaysian's Facebook post expressing his regret has gone viral after he had to spend over RM80,000 to fix damages to his Mercedes-Benz

According to a photo of an invoice that estimates the cost of repair, the vehicle the owner drives is a Mercedes-Benz GLC200, which has a price tag of around RM300,000.

"Losing money just to avoid misfortune," the post read, adding, "Alas, I can only blame myself for my own impulses. Let this be a lesson. [Does] anyone [have any] experience or second choice for me?"

A screenshot of the Facebook post was published in a China Press report, showing that it had garnered over 1,400 shares.

Based on the invoice, it is understood that the engine of the man's sports utility vehicle (SUV) died after it was driven into floodwater

The luxury vehicle requires its engine mounts, transmission bearing cover, engine support, and air filter engine replaced, among other things.

The most expensive item to replace is the "spark-ignition engine", which costs RM76,680.

According to the invoice dated 11 October, the SUV is said to have been purchased only four years ago in 2019, and has a total mileage of 40,000km.

The vehicle was brought to a Mercedes-Benz service centre in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Mercedes-Benz GLC200.

Image via Mercedes-Benz

Citing netizens' comments, the Chinese daily reported that many people were astounded by the colossal sum of money required to repair the SUV

One netizen wrote that one can purchase a car or even two Perodua Axias for RM80,000.

In another Facebook post that reuploaded the invoice, one netizen showed that a Mercedes-Benz C-Class required up to RM112,443 for repair works.

Image via Facebook

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