M’sian Queues Up For 3 Days To Buy The iPhone X… And Tries To Sell It For Almost RM10,000

Do it all for the $$$.

Cover image via Michael Josh / Gua Shidan

For many international fans of Apple, their wait for the iPhone X came to an end last Friday, 3 November when the company released the flagship phone in selected countries such as United States and Singapore

Long lines outside the Apple Store in Singapore last Friday.

Image via Malay Mail Online

Long lines formed outside Apple Stores around the world on release day, a sign of strong demand from consumers waiting for the company's 10th-anniversary phone.

In the US, the phone was launched with prices of USD999 (RM4,201) for the 64GB model and USD1,149 (RM4,832) for the 256GB model. Meanwhile in Singapore, it will be sold at SGD1,648 (RM5,134) for the 64GB model and SGD1,888 (RM5,882) for the 256GB model.

The device is expected to be sold in Malaysia at the end of this year. Apple Malaysia has announced on its website that the phones will be sold at RM5,149 (64GB) and RM5,899 (256GB).

Joining the horde of fans who lined up outside of Singapore's Apple Store in Orchard Road was a Malaysian who travelled all the way from Johor Bahru

Image via Michael Josh

The Malaysian by the name of Herri stayed outside the Apple Store for three days to secure himself a chance to buy the iPhone X.

"I stayed here three days for the iPhone X 256GB in silver and grey. The silver is for my wife, and the grey is for me," he told TODAY Online.

Herri became an overnight Internet celebrity when several news sites picked up on his story. 

However, a tweet that's currently making rounds in the Twittersphere is implying that Herri's story about buying an iPhone X for his wife was a way to boost his reselling business

Image via pharell phaiz

A Twitter user named 'pharell phaiz' did some digging and found that Herri, who goes by the name of 'Gua Shidan' on Facebook, is an iPhone reseller.

His tweet has since gone viral, garnering over 4,000 retweets and 1,000 likes.

The 256GB silver and grey iPhones that he bought for "his wife and himself" were apparently put on sale for RM9,888 each

Image via Gua Shidan

The post was uploaded on his Facebook page on 3 November which was, coincidentally, the release day.

But of course, it's possible that he stocked up on the phones and had more than enough to sell them for a quick profit.

Nevertheless, it didn't stop netizens from trolling him with cheeky digs

Image via pharell phaiz

Some pointed out that it was smart of him to use the virality of the interview clip to his advantage. 

RM9,888 is still a lot of money for a phone though...

Image via instascribe

Calling it "the future of the smartphone", the iPhone X (it's pronounced "ten" by the way, not "X") is one of this year's most anticipated phones:

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