19YO M'sian Buys RM1.6M House For Family After Living Together In A Small Home For Years

The 19-year-old music content creator is known for using various spaces in his current house to shoot music videos for his YouTube videos.

Cover image via Bryson Lew 刘铠翔 (YouTube)

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To thank his family for supporting him all these years, a 19-year-old Malaysian YouTuber bought a RM1.6 million house to upgrade their standard of living

In a YouTube video uploaded on 22 January, Bryson Lew said buying a house has always been his dream.

He attributes the reason for buying a new house at such a young age to the cramped space in their current house.

"If you have watched my previous videos, I like to decorate our living room in many styles to shoot music videos (MVs) [...] because we only have this space for shooting," said the YouTuber who makes music content.

"I have made our home look nothing like a home."

Lew's mother said the living room on the second floor has become a storeroom for his camera equipment. He added that the main living room on the ground floor has also become increasingly cluttered over the years.

Lew's parents, who love plants, have also filled the car porch area with pots, making it unable to park two cars now.

In the video, after talking about all the problems they have at their current home, Lew drives his family to their new semi-detached house with his grandmother, who is clueless about their move

"If this is the first time you are watching my videos, I need to introduce you to these people in my car. They are my family. I grew up surrounded by love and care. They are always there for me," said the 19-year-old.

"They are also the main reason for moving. They shoot a lot of videos with me, creating many videos on the Internet. Without them, there would not be me."

Lew gives the house key to his grandmother and allows her to be the first person to enter the house.

His grandmother is all smiles, surprised by the sheer size of the house.

However, Lew said buying the house did not bring him joy. He admitted that he has been feeling stressed over the purchase as the loan repayment term is 30 years long.

"I'm still young. I don't have much experience. So I have a lot of self-doubts (over the purchase). After I bought this house, we need to pay off the loan for 30 years, as well as pay tens of thousands of ringgit for renovations to complete our home," he shared.

But, to him, repaying his family for their continuous support in his life and his YouTube journey has made him believe in his choice.

"You guys didn't support me only after I had made some achievements. You guys supported me when I first started my channel with just a small audience," he recalled.

"You guys (Lew's parents) are turning 60 soon and grandma will turn 90 in a few years."

"I feel companionship and repaying my gratitude (for the family) is the most meaningful thing I can do now."

At the time of writing, the video has garnered over 500,000 views. Thousands of netizens were touched by Lew's sense of filial piety.

Some netizens also said that they could not afford a house even though they are in their late 20s.

You can watch the full video below:

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