M'sians Criticise Chinese National Woman For Saying Public Hospitals Are For The Poor

The woman, who goes by the user name 'Northeastern Girl in Malaysia', uploaded the video on Douyin on 9 June.

Cover image via Douyin @东北妞!在马来西亚

A China national, believed to be living in Malaysia, has sparked outrage over a video where she says government hospitals in the country are for the poor

In a 38-second video uploaded on Douyin - China's equivalent of TikTok - a woman, who goes by the user name 'Northeastern Girl in Malaysia', said she was baffled by Malaysian public hospitals for housing over 30 patients in a ward.

"This the first time in my life seeing so many people staying in the same ward. There are about 30 over patients," said the woman while walking in the hospital.

"Sigh. This is frightening. This is a hospital where poor people go."

In the caption of the video, the woman said it was nerve-racking for her to walk in a public hospital during the pandemic

She mentioned that the medical bills in public hospitals cost merely RM1 in the country. However, she extended her wishes that all patients could get well soon.

The video, uploaded on her profile on 9 June, has been widely circulated on social media since yesterday, 22 June, after local news portals picked up the story.

When looking for the woman's profile on Douyin, an app that can only be downloaded after changing the AppStore account's region to China Mainland, SAYS found the first video that popped up was the woman saying that she bought a house in Malaysia.

In the brief video, she said she is blessed for having a great husband in Malaysia, who agreed to name her as his beneficiary on the house title.

At the time of writing, the post has over 250 comments, with most of them criticising her for her statement

"Government hospitals are for poor people? Then why were you there? Go to a private hospital then," read the top comment of the post.

"Big sister, you have been reported on the news," commented a person, while another added, "We can get medicines with just RM1 in Malaysia and it helps a lot of people here. I believe the same cannot be said in China. Therefore, we should be grateful rather than feeling distasteful."

An irate netizen asked, "Is the tone of your remark trying to belittle us? What gives you the right to talk about our healthcare system when we are so much better than so many countries out there?"

Image via Douyin

Watch the video here:

In April, a media outlet in China named Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham as one of the world's top doctors in handling the COVID-19 pandemic:

Malaysia has been praised and recognised globally for its healthcare system:

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