“You Pay RM1, We Absorb RM1,249” - Doctor Reveals The True Value Of Cheap Medical Services

Unlike the US, all Malaysians have the right to universal healthcare in public hospitals.

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As the US continues to grapple with uncertainty in its non-universal healthcare system, it's important to remember that we Malaysians are fortunate to have the privilege of universal healthcare in our public hospitals and clinics

Considered one of the best and most affordable healthcare systems in the world, healthcare in Malaysia operates on a two-tier system that consists of a government-run universal healthcare system and a co-existing private healthcare system.

While public hospitals in Malaysia tend to get a bad rep for their long waiting times (mostly due to a shortage of staff), it definitely costs way less to seek consultation and treatment in government-run medical institutions, with treatments and services being offered for as low as RM1. In some cases, it could also be free of charge.

In a post that has gone viral, HKL emergency physician Dr. Alzamani Mohammad Idrose revealed just how much medical treatments are subsidised in public hospitals, particularly in the Emergency Department

He pointed out that there may be additional charges if a patient requires fluids, antiobiotics, painkiller injections, resuscitation, procedures, ventilators, nursing services, and bed use or accommodation for observation (including charting costs).

"For outpatient treatment at the Emergency Department with simple fever but requiring blood tests, CXR, antibiotics and observation (no CT SCAN, Ultrasound) the estimated cost is RM500.

You pay RM1 and we absorb RM499.

We just hope you don't value us as only RM1.

Because we know our worth.

Accompanying his post, Dr. Alzamani also shared a heartwarming story of a man who broke into tears upon finding out that his late father's medical bill was reduced to only RM31.80 from a whopping RM11,000+

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The story above was first posted as a comment on a Facebook post published by the Permaisuri of Johor Raja Zarith Sofiah.

The post, which has been shared over 5,200 times at the time of writing, was also inundated with some Malaysians sharing their personal experiences with public hospitals in the country

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