Maid Arrested After Employers Saw A Viral Video Of Her Abusing Their 5-Year-Old Son

The boy's mother has since decided to never hire another domestic helper again.

Cover image via Childcare in Singapore/Facebook

A 24-year-old maid has been arrested after being caught on video throwing a 5-year-old boy to the ground in Punggol, Singapore

A video of the incident, which was uploaded onto Facebook last month, showed that the woman was swinging and dropping the boy onto the ground in an open field. 

According to Mothership, the incident happened at around 10am on 12 March in Edgefield Plains, Singapore. 

The boy's mother recently revealed that he had told his parents that he was thrown on the ground by the maid on the day of the incident

However, Lianhe Wanbao reported that the 24-year-old denied the abuse at the time and claimed that the boy injured himself while rolling around on the field. 

The 5-year-old had complained about injuries sustained to his front and back, including scratches. 

Nonetheless, the boy's mother did not press on the claims despite having suspicions against the maid.

"The domestic helper kept insisting that she did not hurt him, so I did not probe further," the 35-year-old mother was quoted as saying by Lianhe Wanbao yesterday, 13 April. 

The abuse was eventually uncovered after the boy's father stumbled upon the viral video on Facebook two days after the incident

China Press reported that the man recognised that it was his 24-year-old maid and his son in the video, and immediately lodged a police report over the incident. 

The maid has since been detained by Singaporean police, but refused to answer or apologise over the incident. 

The mother also revealed that she decided to quit her job following the incident to take care of her children

She told Lianhe Wanbao that she does not wish to hire another domestic helper in fear of her children being abused again in the future. 

Meanwhile, the boy's father is currently working two jobs to sustain the family.

A video of the incident can be viewed here:

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