Malayan Tiger 'Satu' Dies In Houston Zoo After A Long And Fulfilling Life

'Satu' was able to live until 18 years old, well past the average life expectancy.

Cover image via Houston Zoo/NSTP

A female Malayan tiger at the Houston Zoo in the US has died on 29 July

Malayan tiger 'Satu' photographed.

Image via Houston Zoo/NSTP

Having lived a long life of 18 years, 'Satu' had to be humanely euthanised after her quality of life started to decline

According to a statement by the zoo, 'Satu' had developed arthritis in some of her joints.

Because of this, zookeepers provided her with daily stretching, monthly laser acupuncture sessions, and multiple therapy sessions to provide pain relief and promote joint health.

Malayan tigers have an average life expectancy of eight to 12 years, but 'Satu' was able to live until 18 years old under the attentive care of Houston Zoo.

'Satu' photographed in the Houston Zoo.

Image via Houston Chronicle/Courtesy

In addition to care within the compound, the zoo also funds the protection of wild tigers in Asia

Thanks to such efforts, the Malayan tiger population in the Endau-Rompin region of Malaysia appears to be stable.

In 2016, a male Malayan tiger - Berani, was transferred to the Houston Zoo to be Satu's companion, reported Chron.

'Berani' photographed at the Houston Zoo.

Image via Stephanie Adams/Houston Zoo

According to the World Wide Fund (WWF), Malayan tigers are listed as Critically Endangered in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Business Insider revealed that there are less than 200 Malayan tigers left in Malaysia.

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