Malaysia Airlines To Stop Using The Word 'Pork' In Its Magazine After Netizen's Complaint

The airline explained that the photo in question actually depicted a cut of wagyu beef.

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Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAB) will no longer be using the word 'pork' in its inflight magazine Going Places after being accused of "promoting pork" on 21 January

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According to Malay Mail, this move may see future articles simply bearing the words "non-halal."

This would be the case even with pork dishes that are on a restaurant's menu.

The decision comes less than a week after a netizen's complaint about an image used in the magazine's January edition went viral on social media

The unidentified netizen wrote that they had never come across an ad that "blatantly promotes pork" in Malaysia Airline's in-flight magazine in "more than 30 years" flying with the airline.

Image via Sinar Harian

Malaysia Airlines responded with an apology and explained that the photo in question actually depicted a cut of wagyu beef

Image via Going Places

"Being an international airline, Malaysia Airlines serves international destinations and caters to different types of passengers," the official Twitter account wrote to one user.

The airline added that as Malaysia is a multi-cultural country, it did not intend to offend any passengers with the restaurant review.

Read Malaysia Airline's full statement here:

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