Melaka Exco Claims 'Disneyland' Is Opening In Malaysia

We don't have to fly overseas to see Mickey Mouse soon!

Cover image via Travel And Leisure & Tenor

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Editor's note: A verified source confirmed with SAYS today, 17 November, that there are no plans to open a Disneyland in Malaysia. Read about it here.

The most magical place on earth is coming to Melaka, Malaysia!

In a press conference yesterday, 15 November, a Melaka state executive council (exco) member announced that the state will build Southeast Asia's first Disney theme park by 2027.

According to Melaka Hari Ini, the Disney theme park, dubbed Disney City, will be about 150 acres to 200 acres in Jasin.

The exco for Tourism, Heritage, and Culture of Melaka, Datuk Muhammad Jailani Khamis, said the Disney theme park in Jasin will be the first in ASEAN

Outside of the US, only China, Hong Kong, France, and Japan have their own Disneylands.

"After more than 20 years, we will have a new theme park. Even though it is not that big, I feel it is commendable enough (that we manage to) bring in Disneyland," said Muhammad Jailani.

"It will help us hit our target of 20 million tourists within three years and return to the original track of 18.7 million tourists that we achieved in 2019."

"Disneyland is in the pipeline, we are planning the possibility of it being built in the Jasin district, God willing, we cannot reveal the exact location, but the area is around 150 acres to 200 acres (60.7 hectares to 80.9 hectares)."

In comparison, the biggest Disney Park, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, is 25,000 acres in size, while Tokyo Disneyland in Urayasu, Chiba, is 115 acres in size.

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Image via 8 News Channel

Other than Disney City, the Melaka government is also planning to develop a 22-kilometre 'Maglev' system to connect Melaka tourism hotspots

'Maglev' refers to train transportation that uses electromagnets.

Muhammad Jailani made the announcement at a press conference after signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the proposed project.

The investment value for the 'Maglev' line was estimated at USD200 million (about RM900 million), reported Bernama.

Muhammad Jailani said he hopes the new project will give tourists more options while visiting Melaka.

Watch Muhammad Jailani announce the Disney City project in the press conference below:

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