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If money and time were not a problem, where would you go for your honeymoon?


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According to Agoda's Global Honeymoon Survey, Malaysians' dream honeymoon destination Is MALDIVES

According to Agoda's Global Honeymoon Survey, Malaysians' dream honeymoon destination Is MALDIVES.

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Malaysian travellers favoured Maldives with a solid 20% of the total country votes, while Paris (14%) and Istanbul (10%) stand as second and third choices for dream honeymoon destinations. Bali, a hot island destination of relatively close proximity to Malaysia, still made it to the top five for Malaysians, even ahead of Italy.

Malaysians' second pick is PARIS, followed by ISTANBUL, BALI and ITALY

Honeymoon in Paris.

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Malaysian 's dream honeymoon destination survey result.

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In fact, the research that surveyed 15,000 people found that MALDIVES is the dream honeymoon location for people all around the world


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The survey, conducted online in January and February, 2014, asked more than 15,000 customers to pick their dream honeymoon location from among 20 destinations. A whopping one in five travelers chose the Maldives, with the Greek Islands, Paris and Bali neck-in-neck for second place.

"We know the Maldives is a popular destination for couples but we were surprised that its allure is so global. Among countries where we had more than 100 respondents, only three didn't pick it as the most popular dream honeymoon destination – The Philippines, Saudi Arabia and New Zealand," said Errol Cooke, Vice President Global Hotels.

Bali is the only Asian destination in Agoda's Global Honeymoon Survey, see the full results here: survey reveals Maldives is world’s hottest honeymoon spot.

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The survey also found that Europeans prefer honeymoon destinations outside their region while Asians prefer to travel within Asia

When it comes to dream honeymoons, Europeans prefer far-flung places, as 89% picked destinations outside of their region. As a group, Asians seem the least likely to venture far -- only 65% picked destinations outside of Asia.

Malaysia is not on the list of top honeymoon destinations, but Lonely Planet has named Malaysia as one of the top 10 travel destinations for 2014

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