How Education Ministry Plans To Use Classrooms To Fight Terrorism In Malaysia

Malaysia believes education has the power to curb the dangerous growth and influence of terrorism.

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With acts of terrorism rampant and creeping into our daily lives at a worrying level, the Malaysian Education ministry has informed of plans to incorporate anti-terrorism teachings into the education system

ISIS's destruction in a Syrian city

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The Malaysian government wants to nip this problem in the bud and it is looking at bringing the fight against terror into classrooms.

"We are ready to work with police to have briefings for our students," Malaysia's deputy education minister, Chong Sin Woon, told Channel NewsAsia.

While it is difficult to pin the reason on why a person decides to join heinous terrorist groups, it is most often the young, impressionable ones that fall prey to the lure of these terrorists and their cruel ideas

Terrorist attacks in Mosul, Iraq

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On December 31, a Malaysian student in Egypt became the first student to be charged at the Sessions Court in Sepang for supporting the terrorist group, al-Qaeda.

Deputy Education Minister II Chong Sin Woon, was commenting on efforts of the ministry to curb students from being easily influenced by terrorist ideology, especially the Islamic State (IS).

Hence, in their efforts to put an end to the spread of terrorism in Malaysia, deputy education minister, Chong Sin Woon, explained that they will be collaborating with security forces and the police to start educational talks in school about the dangers of terrorism

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Deputy Education Minister Chong Sin Woon said for the time being, most of the guidance were in the form of talks conducted by police and other security agencies at various places including schools.

"Together with the police and security forces, we will start disseminating information in schools this year," he told reporters after visiting Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina (SJKC) Pu Nan in Muar today.

Chong was commenting on the efforts of the ministry to stop pupils from being easily influenced by terrorist ideology especially Isis.

According to Chong, parents of school-going children are more than accepting of this new idea, with most asking the authorities to specifically educate the students on what these terrorists, especially members of the ISIS do

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According to Catholic Online, ISIS uses images like this to instill fear in people

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Details of the collaboration are still being worked out but parents are already welcoming the idea.

"I support (the idea). It should be done. Give them the right information about IS (Islamic State). A lot of people don't know what IS is, who these terrorists really are,” said Syawal Jumil, father of a student.

Siti Mazli, a mother, said: "As a parent, I worry they're exposed to (the wrong) things. But if they are told from young what's right, then there's less concern.”

Meanwhile, Paimuzi Yahya, director of the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Department thinks that proper Islamic religious teachings could help the young students stay on the right moral pathway

Paimuzi Yahya, director of the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Department

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Religious authorities believe proper Islamic education in schools can keep the young on the right path, with Malaysia's Federal Territories having its first-ever primary school combining the national curriculum with an Islamic school curriculum.

"All the wrong things happen when you don't have morals,” said Paimuzi Yahya, director of the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Department. “They have the knowledge but they don't apply it. So we hope that what comes out of schools like this are brilliant students not just in terms of academia but also their character."

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