Malaysian Actress Calls Out Netizen For Saying Her Necklace Looks Like A Cross

'KL Special Force' actress Ramona Zamzam posted the photo on 8 January.

Cover image via Instagram @ramonazamzam

What was meant to be a lovely photo of friendship turned controversial after a netizen asked actress Ramona Zamzam if the necklace she was wearing was a holy cross

The 29-year-old 'KL Special Force' star posted a photo on Instagram last Wednesday, 8 January, with a cheeky caption saying, "Guess who is the younger and older sister?"

The photo shows Ramona seated at the doorstep of a rumah kampung with 22-year-old actress Intan Najuwa embracing her from the back.

A lot of her followers commented that Intan is Ramona's younger sister. 

However, one netizen decided to spoil the harmless photo by asking if Ramona was wearing a holy cross on her chest

"I am sorry, sis. What is the shape of the pendant? It looks like a cross," wrote a netizen.

In a separate post, Ramona posted a photo showing a close-up of the necklace and a screenshot of the comment. The necklace turned out to be seashells and a starfish.

"Seriously, everything looks like a cross?" Ramona wrote in the caption. 

"I understand you want to be someone who is an expert in religion but becoming pious until it becomes negative is really uncalled for."

Following Ramona's response, netizens flooded the comments section to support her view

A few netizens noted that the necklace looks more like a unicorn than a holy cross.

"It does not look like a cross at all. More like a unicorn," a netizen wrote.

"They get triggered so easily. Everything also looks like a cross to them," an Instagram user commented.

Another netizen said in jest, "If it is shaped like a triangle, they will say it is Illuminati."

Image via Instagram

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