7-Eleven Apologises For Customer's Viral 'Scamwich'

The chicken slices were folded in half to make the sandwich appear 'fuller'.

Cover image via @real.eycah (TikTok)

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A Malaysian TikTok user was shocked to find that a 7-Eleven sandwich she bought had only two small slices of ham, despite it being called a "double chicken sandwich"

In the nine-second video, content creator Eycah shows the sandwich to the camera, and the chicken slices can be clearly seen from the front of the transparent packaging.

However, when she opens up the sandwich to reveal its fillings, it is found that the chicken slices are only a few centimetres in length and are strategically placed only at the front of the packaging.

The chicken slices are also folded in half to make the sandwich appear 'fuller'.

The bread is only lightly dabbed with sauce, and there are only two pieces of lettuce.

At the time of writing, the video has garnered over 1.7 million views and 123,000 likes

Thousands of netizens were horrified by the scarcely stuffed chicken sandwich, with some netizens calling it a "scamwich".

"Oh nuh-uh, friend. You need a refill for that scamwich," read a top comment.

"Now, (this is) the reason...why [the] packaging [is] not (fully) transparent," wrote a TikTok user.

"7-Eleven Malaysia, why? We need clarification on this!" exclaimed one person, while another added, "7-Eleven Malaysia, what is this?"

Image via TikTok

When SAYS reached out to the convenience store company for comment, they said they will take full responsibility for the issue.

"We apologise for this issue and [will] take full responsibility. There was an oversight by our commissary partner and we have resolved it immediately. We put our customers' satisfaction as our priority," they said in a statement.

Eycah told SAYS that she paid about RM7 for the sandwich

She bought the sandwich at a 7-Eleven outlet in Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, Kuala Lumpur, on 24 September.

"I didn't think a double chicken sandwich from 7-Eleven would be like that. Because when I bought it at other outlets, it was not like this. And I trusted 7-Eleven," she lamented.

"I was tired from the bus ride. I just got back from Pulau Perhentian and was hungry. There were many other outlets that sold sandwiches, but I saw 7-Eleven. And we know the reviews of 7-Elevens are good. So I just took the sandwich without checking."

The video of the 'scamwich' can be found below:

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