M'sian Is Shocked That He Was Charged RM10 For This Plate Of Mixed Rice

"I was so shocked, I thought I misheard when I was paying," said the post's author.

Cover image via Xiaohongshu

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A netizen could not believe his ears when a shop charged him RM10 for a plate of mixed rice with tiny portions of meat, tofu, and broccoli

The Xiaohongshu user took to his account to express his shock after paying for his meal.

"Never have I eaten such expensive mixed rice before," he wrote.

"They charged me RM10 for these little bits of vegetables and meat. I was so shocked, I thought I misheard when I was paying."

He added that he was never going back to the shop ever again.

Image via Xiaohongshu

His post garnered over 150 comments, with other Xiaohongshu users weighing in on the price of his food

Many were equally shocked and agreed that he was overcharged.

One wrote, "WTF, that's so expensive," to which the author cried, "Immediately bye bye. No more next time."

Image via Xiaohongshu

Someone else said, "This is why I never eat mixed rice. I always believe that they count the price based on their mood."

Image via Xiaohongshu

A user also complained that he once took just a chicken drumstick and one fried egg and was charged RM8 for his dish, while another lamented that everything is expensive now.

Image via Xiaohongshu

Meanwhile, some said it was normal and pointed out that this is how some mixed rice stores actually calculate their prices

"I always don't know how mixed rice stores come up with their prices. It's so complicated," said a user.

To which someone answered, "Meat is RM5, vegetables RM3, and rice RM1. They look at how many types of dishes you have, not at how much each portion is."

Image via Xiaohongshu

The post's author added in the comments that he had dined at a mixed rice shop in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

He clarified that he did not immediately refute the price because it was his first time eating at the store. He said he just will not go back there.

Meanwhile in Perak, a chicken rice hawker has promised not to increase his food prices despite the inflation:

The cost of food and ingredients have recently been on the rise:

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