Perak Chicken Rice Hawker Maintains RM3.60 Price Over The Past 9 Years Despite Inflation

He said he would rather earn a little bit less than have his customers leave without a full stomach.

Cover image via Google Maps & Kuala Kangsar Hainan Chicken Rice - 记得来 (Facebook)

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A chicken rice hawker stall in Kuala Kangsar, Perak has promised to maintain its RM3.60 price despite the ongoing rise in inflation

In a Facebook post on 1 July — the date the government increased the ceiling price of chicken from RM8.90 per kg to RM9.40 per kg — the local shop assured its customers that it will not be hiking its prices.

Speaking to Sin Chew Daily, owner of Kuala Kangsar Hainan Chicken Rice, Tan, said he has noticed many people struggling with financial issues.

So, to ease the burden of his customers, he has chosen to continue selling each pack of chicken rice at RM3.60.

He said he would rather earn a little bit less than have his customers leave without a full stomach.

Tan's Facebook post reads: "Kuala Kangsar Hainan Chicken Rice is still RM3.60. [We are] not raising our prices!"

Image via Kuala Kangsar Hainan Chicken Rice - 记得来 (Facebook)

In fact, Tan revealed that he has actually maintained the price of his chicken rice for the past nine years

The kind vendor said the price at his shop has remained even though the price of chicken has increased seven to eight times since he first opened his stall.

He also shared that recently, when the price of goods first started to soar, he initially saw a drop of about 20% in business. However, after his reassurance that the price of his chicken rice would not increase, his customers started to return and enjoy his food.

The hawker sells roast chicken, white-cut chicken, braised offals, and a few other side dishes, and is aided by his wife at the shop. They start selling at 8am every day except Tuesdays, until all of the food is sold out.

Tan and his wife in front of their chicken rice shop in Kuala Kangsar, Perak.

Image via Kuala Kangsar Hainan Chicken Rice - 记得来 (Facebook)

In addition to selling chicken rice at an affordable price, Tan also hands out 100 to 150 packs of chicken rice every other month to the needy

According to his shop's Facebook page, he often posts about the initiative and encourages anyone who needs a meal to come to his store to claim a pack.

"If you think there are friends around you who may need this pack of rice, you can send them to Kuala Kangsar Hainan Chicken Rice stall to pick up some chicken rice, regardless of race! Thank you to the anonymous donors for the love and support," he shared recently.

Tan's actions have garnered blessings from many customers and netizens, who praised him for his kindness after his story came to light

One of his customers told Sin Chew Daily that not only was his chicken rice cheap, but it tasted good too.

"Tan really helps others out of kindness from his heart," another said, full of praise for the man.

"Although the profit from selling chicken rice is not much, he goes out of his way to do kind deeds and sets a good example for other businessmen."

Meanwhile, the director of Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) Melaka has suggested Malaysians to reduce consumption to deal with inflation:

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