Cost Of Roti Canai Has Increased 4 Times In 2022. Customers May Have To Pay Even More Soon

The increasing cost of ingredients such as wheat, dhal (lentils), and cooking oil is driving the price hike.

Cover image via Rohanis Shukri/New Straits Times & Kin Kin/Google Maps

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The price of roti canai may go up by 10 sen by the end of June due to the increasing prices of ingredients such as wheat, dhal (lentils), and cooking oil

However, Malaysian Muslim Restaurant Owners Association (PRESMA) president Jawahar Ali Taib Khan said mamak restaurants nationwide will maintain roti canai's old price for the present.

According to him, roti canai still costs between RM1.20 and RM1.70 per piece, even though a 25kg sack of wheat flour that was previously sold at RM45, now costs RM65.

"Most of the mamak restaurants nationwide are running their businesses as usual despite the increasing prices of products such as dhal and cooking oil," he told New Straits Times.

"But if the surge of prices remains uncontrolled, there will be a rise in roti canai prices but not more than 10 sen because we need to continue serving customers, and mamak shops are like a second home for Malaysians."

Jawahar also noted it is the fourth time this year that the price of roti canai dough has been increased by local wholesalers

He said they have to raise the price due to unavoidable circumstances, such as the lack of manpower and fall in ringgit value.

Restaurants then have to oblige with the increase because many do not make their own, but purchase ready-made roti dough from suppliers.

The PRESMA president added that his association will continue to keep tabs with the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) on the rising prices of goods

"If there is any surge in prices, the ministry can set the ceiling price on essential items that could prevent this," he said.

Jawahar also urged consumers to lodge a report with the ministry if they come across any eateries that charge exorbitant prices for roti canai.

Back in December, Jawahar said eateries may not even be able to earn a profit despite charging RM2.50 for a piece of roti canai:

Global prices of wheat have shot up even more this year due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict that began in February:

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