Malaysian Disgusted To Find Used Diaper Left On A Plate At A Wedding Ceremony

"Behold, the stupidest wedding guest in Malaysia."

Cover image via Malay Wedding Services & Twitter @Faqihh_94

A picture showing a used diaper that was left on a finished plate at a wedding ceremony recently went viral

Netizen Faqihuddin @Faqihh_94 took to Twitter on 31 August to share the nauseating photo with a caption that read, "Behold, the stupidest wedding guest in Malaysia."

Faqihuddin's tweet has since received 7,100 retweets and 2,700 likes. 

The picture shows the netizen holding a used plate that contains some leftovers alongside a diaper wrapped up in a bundle

"Luckily the smell from the used diaper did not spread," Faqihuddin said. 

Faqihuddin shared that the wedding was held indoors in an air-conditioned hall.

Netizens were left disgusted by the act and started to share their experiences of coming across used diapers that were not properly disposed of

Image via Twitter

"Stupid parents breed stupid child. Whenever we clean up our child in someone's house, we wouldn't want to impose on them further by throwing the used diaper into the dustbin. We would pack it in a plastic bag and throw it away when we get home. People are getting weirder these days."

Image via Twitter

"Try working in a restaurant. I worked in Nandos before. There were many occasions in which customers left used diapers under the tables. We provided good service only to receive terrible treatment in return. Brainless customers."

Image via Twitter

"I experienced something similar last Hari Raya. The place was really crowded and I had to clean up the place before I got off from work. When I was sweeping nearby the sewers, I noticed a used diaper in the sewers. These people are already parents but they don't seem to know where to throw used diapers."

Let's put in more effort into cleaning up after ourselves!

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