[PHOTOS] When An Accident In An Ipoh Tunnel Brought Out The Best In Malaysian Drivers

Two cars crashed in the Menora Tunnel on Monday, 19 February.

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An accident took place in the Menora Tunnel on Monday, 19 February in Ipoh, Perak

According to media reports, two vehicles collided into each other and turned turtle inside the tunnel heading towards Kuala Kangsar.

The accident caused a massive traffic congestion along the North-South Expressway that backed up to several kilometres.

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Photos of the incident went viral on social media and one thing in particular stood out. It was how drivers at the scene responded in a civic and mannerly order.

While traffic inside the tunnel was brought to standstill because of the accident, photos showed that the drivers at the scene had moved their cars properly to the side of the road.

There was ample space in the middle of the road for rescuers and emergency vehicles such as the ambulance to pass through with ease.

New Straits Times reported Federal police Traffic Enforcement and Investigation Department principal assistant director (enforcement) Superintendent Mustafa Bakri Salleh as saying that it was challenging to get to the scene quickly due to the congestion leading up to the site of the accident, but they managed to do so due to the cooperation of many parties.

"Thanks to the cooperation of all, including the traffic police, PLUS staff and road users, rescue units were able to pass (through) to reach the site of the accident,"
he said.

Many netizens have expressed their amazement at the drivers' unified action in clearing the path for the authorities

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Comments on social media saw Malaysian drivers being praised for exhibiting exemplary civic consciousness during the incident.

The incident is a stark contrast to what had happened during the high profile case in 2016 when a freak accident happened at the North-South expressway, near the Simpang Ampat toll in Alor Gajah.

Malaysian drivers were heavily criticised after two people died in the incident, as it was learned that an ambulance despatched to help the victims was delayed by drivers who used the emergency lane. 

How Malaysian drivers responded in this incident has been also likened to what had happened during an accident that took place in a tunnel in South Korea

South Korean drivers received global attention for their perfect coordination during an accident that occurred in a tunnel. 

The incident, which was recorded on video, went viral on social media last year.

Based on the footage, the South Korean drivers can be seen parking up as close as they can to the tunnel walls, making it easier for authorities to get to the crash site.

Kudos to all Malaysian drivers and rescuers for acting so swiftly in a time of emergency!

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