This Family's Crazy Balik Kampung Trip from UK to MY Ends After 155 Days

Driving all the way back from UK to Kedah. This is one family who is dedicated to make it home from Hari Raya!

155 days later, By Road To Malaysia family has successfully arrived in Malaysia

Setelah mengharungi perjalanan sejauh 25,500 kilometer dari United Kingdom dalam tempoh 155 hari, satu keluarga rakyat Malaysia seramai enam orang hari ini tiba di tanah air.

"Alhamdulillah it has been an overwhelming days for us at the moment. I think when I been ask about my feeling now by a journalist, what I can say is only, " I think it's blurr at the moment."

"7 months ago, before my dear husband send resignation letter to his boss we just didn't know if we going to be able to complete the journey or even reach half way. There are so many uncertainty. There are so many problem especially financial problem, in the book, it seems quiet impossible to finish off this project."

"It's so hard for us to come out from our comfort zone and enter into unknown. Why on earth do we take a chance to resign from working in one of big worldwide company with good salary and good yearly bonus. Even before we made final decision for my dear husband to resign from his job, it's feel really tough. I have now forgot already how determine I was and how strong I feel about starting off these project and finish it. I think me and dear husband must be a crazy couple. "

"Nobody seems truly believe our decision to start off. Along the way, we might give many people 'heart attack' with all the worries. We re really overwhelm with the amount of support we receive from everybody around the world! It's really amazing reading all the comment and although I might not reply to each of you, I still read almost of the message and comment. "

Jamalullail Ismail, 44, Says They Faced Many Challenges Along The Way Including Robberies And Birokrasi Issues

Keluarga itu yang menetap di Seaham, Sunderland terpaksa melalui pelbagai kepayahan terutama masalah birokrasi dan perubahan cuaca di banyak negara sejak memulakan perjalanan pada 13 Julai lalu iaitu 4 Ramadan di United Kingdom.

"Suhu di Itali musim panas sampai 50 darjah Celcius, dahlah masa tu bulan puasa. Setiap negara ada cabarannya...macam di Iran kena rompak dua kali, dan hampir diculik. Banyak cabaran diplomatik...syukur Kedutaan Malaysia di negara-negara itu banyak menolong.

"Ada juga negara yang sepatutnya tak boleh masuk, tetapi duta di sana menggunakan kuasa diplomatik untuk membolehkan kami melalui negara tersebut. Ada masalah diplomatik, ada negara tak friendly," katanya kepada pemberita ketika ditemui di Taman Tema Darul Aman di sini hari ini.

Bagaimanapun, ada juga layanan yang baik daripada rakyat negara-negara yang dikunjungi seperti dibenarkan meletakkan kenderaan untuk tidur di stesen minyak, malah mereka disediakan makanan.

"Pengalaman saya, kita orang Malaysia ni dapat layanan istimewa. Ada sesetengah tempat orang luar susah nak masuk tetapi bila saya cakap orang Malaysia, mereka benarkan masuk," katanya.

Katanya mereka sekeluarga membelanjakan sekitar GBP60,000 (RM315,857) untuk perjalanan itu termasuk kenderaan.

Jamalullail Ismail, 44, Says They Faced Many Challenges Along The Way Including Robberies And Diplomatic Problems

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Drawing by our team member, 16 years old Muhammad Syameem.

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It's Raya and they are in Bosnia!

Today is another resting day. I guess we do plan to stay in Bosnia for a week not just to visit around but also to have a good rest...Please pray for us and make doa for us. I thank everybody for all your support.

In 16 days, they have visited 6 countries

44-year-old Jamal Ismail and his family of six is driving a van from UK all the way back home to Malaysia

A Malaysian family of six is making a record-breaking trip back to its homeland in a road journey that will take about 75 days.

Jamal Ismail, 44, the founder of By Road to Malaysia project, is undertaking the challenge with his wife, Sofinee, 38, and four children: Sabeera, 17, Sumrah, 13, Syameem, 15, and Seif, 10.

Since they were fasting, the family will start driving only in the evening as Imsak time in the UK is early in the morning.

"Since Imsak time is very early, we will not go to sleep after terawih prayers. We will get a good sleep after dawn and start our journey after Zohor prayers."

Their balik kampung journey will chart 38 countries, 75 days and 28,646km across 2 continents

Their balik kampung journey will chart 38 countries, 75 days and 28,646km across 2 continents.

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Along the journey, Jamal's family will travel across more than 39 countries, including Germany, France, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.

The family is travelling in a 1998 Mercedes Sprinter motorhome and expects to log between 20,922km and 28,646km from Seaham, Sunderland, to its hometown in Kubang Pasu, Kedah.

To choose the vehicle is a very difficult task. We have not just been through many choice, but also plenty of argument between husband and wife.

After searching and viewing quiet a number of vehicle with our very tight budget we manage to secure a vehicle which probably not going to be much choice for overland journey, but hopefully will bring us back to our home country safe and sound!

Their four home-schooled children will be learning more than just books

Their four home-schooled children will be learning more than just books.

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According to the Sunderland Echo newspaper, the couple, who home-schooled their children, would expose them to different cultures and lifestyles.

"We will try to stop every 322km to visit museums and information centres. In the evening, we will try to meet local people," said Jamal, who resigned from his engineering job.

They say now that the children are grown up, they are finally realizing their dream of travelling back to Malaysia overland

They say now that the children are grown up, they are finally realizing their dream of travelling back to Malaysia overland.

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Target: minimise and simplified. One of important practical lesson: to bring simplicity in our life. Reused, recycle, Use less water, Use less electric, Going as natural as we can.

My husband, Jamal have a dream of travelling back to Malaysia via overland since many years back, but we haven't got a chance to actually bring it into reality.

As the children grow up, we thought that it was a good time, and might never been a good chance again after this, to actually bring a dream into excellent experience.

An ordinary family dreaming of travelling around with challenge and adventure in the hope to enrich life experience and to give their kids full of flavour of what life are like for others.

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