M'sian Mum Furious After Finding Out Her Son Ate A Mouldy Hot Dog From Local Coffee Chain

ZUS Coffee has since apologised for the incident.

Cover image via Keabadian Cinte (Facebook)

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A Malaysian mother is furious at a coffee joint for serving her son a sausage roll covered with mould and that they were merely compensated with a buy-one-free-one voucher

Sharing the incident in a Facebook post published last Saturday, 28 January, Keabadian Cinte said she bought a 'Firecracker Chicken Sausage Roll' from a ZUS Coffee outlet for her son, and he ate half of it.

"It was a good thing that he said it was delicious. But when he took another bite, (he said) there was an added flavour," she said, referring to the sausage that tasted funny.

"Thank goodness he removed the bread, or else he would have eaten the whole thing."

A photo Cinte uploaded shows the sausage that was initially wrapped in a bun. Underneath the bread, the sausage was seen covered in a thick layer of mould in white and green shades.

Even the bread had a green spot after being in close contact with the sausage.

"So disgusting to look at. Who knows how many weeks they've been reheating this bread," Cinte wrote

Speaking to SAYS, she said her son is eight years old. She said he had swallowed half of the sausage roll like how he would normally eat.

She said she did not scold the staff at the outlet, which she revealed is located in a mall in Kuala Lumpur. In the Facebook post, she said the staff threw away all the hot dogs that were being displayed on the same tray after she told them about it.

"My son is so lucky because he didn't experience any stomach ache after eating it," she said when contacted.

Cinte said she is furious about the entire incident. When asked if she felt the buy-one-free-one voucher as compensation was enough, she asked rhetorically, "Do you think it's worth it?"

"I don't want the same incident to happen to others, which is why I shared the incident on Facebook."

"I didn't even keep the voucher (that was compensated to me)."

At the time of writing, Cinte's post has gone viral with over 1,700 shares on Facebook

Her post was re-uploaded to Twitter and a person said it was not ZUS Coffee's first time serving food that had mould on it.

"On top of that, ZUS Coffee had the audacity to just replace the mouldy food. [...] People could get serious food poisoning from these mouldy foods," criticised the netizen in a tweet that has been viewed over 127,000 times.

Image via Twitter

In a statement to SAYS, ZUS Coffee said that it has reached out to the customer to apologise. It has also apologised in a tweet today, 3 February.

"We have conducted a thorough investigation into the matter to determine the source and cause of the contamination and found that a chiller malfunction has affected our temperature maintenance in the KL East Mall outlet, which led to the contamination in this instance," it explained.

It added that it will also recommend the customer to a medical panel and provide compensation for any medical treatment needed to ensure the customer's health and safety.

The full statement can be found below:

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