Malaysian Woman Expresses Outrage After Discovering Used Condom On Her Ajinomoto Plant

"Why do I need to pick up your dead kids?," she ranted.

Cover image via @mimierhmn (Twitter) & Freepik

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On Wednesday, 10 May, a woman had the horror of discovering a used condom on her Ajinomoto plant on the balcony of her condo in Petaling Jaya

The woman, Mimie Rahman, took to Twitter to vent her disgust and remind people staying in apartments and condominiums not to throw gross stuff from their windows and balconies.

"Since it fell on this tree, I can use a garbage bag to pick it up without having to use my bare hands, but if it fell on my air conditioner's compressor, who is going to pick it up?" she tweeted.

Mimie was also very disgusted by the condom's strange brownish colour.

"Why do I need to pick up your dead kids?," she ranted.

What's worse is that the plant is not decorative, as Mimie uses its leaves in her cooking

Later, she started smelling a foul odour coming from the Ajinomoto plant.

"Now I have to spray water on my plant unnecessarily," she tweeted angrily. 

Read the full tweet below:

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Dozens of netizens empathised with her and were equally disgusted

One netizen even commented that she should get the contents of the condom tested to find who it belongs to

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