[VIDEO] Malaysians Sing 'Negaraku' While Cops Arrest American For Assaulting An Old Man

"Negaraku, tanah tumpahnya darahku!"

Cover image via @haiqalamn (Twitter) & @khaliq_ghazali (Twitter)

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A video of an American man assaulting an elderly Malaysian man in Petaling Street recently went viral on social media

In the 43-second clip shared by Twitter user @haiqalamn, the two can be seen being confronted by police after they had an altercation.

The old man continues to explain to the cops what had happened between them while the American sits next to him.

After a while, the foreigner suddenly stands up and punches the elderly man until he collapses to the floor helplessly.

The officers on the scene manage to separate them, but the victim is already injured from the beating.

"The uncle suffered an injury to his eyebrows! Fortunately, there were KPJ nurses on the scene who helped give him first aid," said one Twitter user, who also attached a picture of the elderly man receiving help.

Image via Twitter

The foreigner is then arrested and taken into the police car

In another video shared by user @khaliq_ghazali, the man can be seen being dragged away by cops.

The user also alleged that before the video was taken, the foreign man shouts, "I'm American!"

Responding to the man's exclaim, Malaysians who witnessed the incident begin singing the national anthem.

"Negaraku, tanah rumpahnya darahku!" the crowd sings.

Watch the full video of the incident here:

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