Malaysians Who Took Sinovac Can Now Take Sinovac Boosters Instead Of Pfizer

As there are still Sinovac vaccine recipients who refuse to accept Pfizer as their booster, the MOH will allow these recipients to book their Sinovac boosters soon.

Cover image via Bernama via Malay Mail & Sinovac

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The Ministry of Health (MOH) has revealed that some 3.5 million individuals fully vaccinated with Sinovac have not received their booster dose

Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, at a press conference yesterday, 7 February, said that it appears these individuals insist on getting Sinovac and are hesitant towards Pfizer or AstraZeneca for their boosters.

"We are aware that some who were vaccinated with Sinovac are reluctant to receive Pfizer and AstraZeneca for boosters even though there is nothing wrong with mixed vaccines," he said.

"Nevertheless, to ensure they get themselves boosted, we will give these people a choice of either Pfizer, AstraZeneca, or Sinovac," Khairy added, "Any booster is better than no booster."

According to the minister, there are still some in stock and that the jabs will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.

With that said, the MOH will allow Sinovac recipients to book their Sinovac boosters and full details for the appointment system will be revealed soon

Prior to this, Sinovac boosters under the National Immunisation Programme were only offered to individuals who have a history of serious allergies or can't take mRNA vaccines, according to Malay Mail.

Those who insist on getting Sinovac are able to purchase it at private healthcare facilities. A ceiling price of RM77 per Sinovac vaccine dose has been set by the government for the private market, excluding other additional costs like service charges.

Based on the COVIDNOW website, as of 6 February, there are a total of 32,034 COVID-19 deaths with about 57% involving senior citizens. There are also about one million senior citizens who have not yet received their booster jabs.

Image via Bernama

Khairy urged all Sinovac recipients aged 18 and above as well as senior citizens who are over 60 years old to take their booster shot before 1 March to keep their fully vaccinated status

If they fail to do so, their digital vaccination status on MySejahtera will turn from yellow to white. These individuals will no longer be able to enjoy the benefits of being fully vaccinated.

"There will also be certain restrictions at (international) exit points," he added.

However, he did not give further details on the restrictions that will be imposed.

Meanwhile, the number of COVID-19 cases is expected to hit 15,000 a day soon:

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