Man Chops Off His Fingers During A Fight With His Wife Because He Was Scared He'd Hit Her

He chopped off four of his fingers.

Cover image via Kwong Wah/China Press (edited)

A man from Gansu Province, China, recently chopped off four of his fingers during an argument with his wife

Image via China Press

China Press reported that the man, who was angry at his wife at the time, stormed into the kitchen before chopping off four fingers on his left hand with a kitchen knife.

The incident reportedly occurred on 1 March.

Frightened by his actions, the man's wife immediately brought him and his severed fingers to the hospital

Medical staff examining the man's fingers.

Image via China Press

According to Kwong Wah, the man's fingers were completely chopped off, and his bones were exposed. 

It took doctors five hours to reattach the man's fingers to his hand. However, he was told that he will be facing difficulties in using his left hand.

The man has since expressed his regret in his impulsive action

China Press reported the man as saying that he chopped off his fingers as he was afraid he would hurt his wife during the argument.

However, he added that the incident would not have happened if he was more calm during the argument.

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