Singaporean Couple Who Abused Maid Also Forced Another One To Eat Her Own Vomit

The wife used a funnel to shove rice and sugar into the maid's mouth.

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A Singaporean couple who was found guilty for abusing their maid has just been convicted of torturing a second domestic helper

TODAY reported that former IT manager Tay Wee Kiat faced six charges on 4 March for abusing Moe Moe Than.

Among several other incidents, Tay had caned Than's buttocks with a metal clothing hook and broomstick.

Tay's wife Chia Yun Ling was found guilty for using a funnel to shove rice and sugar into Than's mouth, and forcing the 31-year-old to eat her own vomit after

She also made the Myanmar maid clean the house while wearing only her bra and short pants and slapped her on several occasions, Yahoo News reported.

On top of that, Chia allowed Than to use the toilet only three times a day to save water. If she broke the rule, Chia would punish Than by making her jump like a rabbit.

The maid was allowed little sleep – waking up at 5.30am and sleeping after midnight. She was often caned for dozing off whenever Chia forced her to massage her feet till late at night.

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Chia once dragged Than by her hair and stepped on her chest when she caught her looking at a mirror.

In addition, Than's monthly salary of SGD400 (RM1,200) and SGD20 (RM60) for having no day off, was withheld from her throughout her employment.

Than was hired to do household chores between 8 January 2012 and 12 November 2012, while their first maid Fitriyah focused on looking after the couple's children.

The couple was previously sentenced to jail for abusing their first helper over the course of two years

Between 7 December 2010 and 12 December 2012, Fitriyah was abused by the couple as she took care of their three young kids.

In one incident, Tay forced a plastic bottle into Fitriyah's mouth and made her remain that way for 30 minutes, as reported by TODAY.

He also made both maids slap each other 10 times and caned their heads when the couple's daughter refused to study.

Than, who is a Christian, and Fitriyah, a Muslim, were forced to "worship" in front of a Buddhist altar up to 100 times, as punishment for moving a small cloth from the altar without permission, Channel NewsAsia reported.

The abuse cases came to light after Than was sent back to Myanmar without explanation in November 2012

Than returned to Singapore a month later to report the couple to authorities. According to TODAY, doctors found multiple healed wounds and scars on the maid's body.

Tay and Chia have been offered SGD15,000 (RM45,000) bail each. The couple will be sentenced on 18 March.

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