Man Cuts Open An LV Bag With Scissors At KLCC Store Because He Was "Looked Down On"

"Malays in Malaysia shouldn't be looked down on. And don't treat Malays like dogs."

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A man recently tried to prove a point by cutting open a Louis Vuitton (LV) bag at KLCC because the staff were "looking down on him"

Facebook user Ismail Ariffin posted a video of the incident on Monday, 25 February, which has since gone viral with over 2,000 shares.

According to the post, Ismail and his friend Zainal Abidin were treated like "dogs" at the luxury store.

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Wearing a pair of shorts and a polo T-shirt, Zainal claimed that the staff had assumed that they were poor

In the video, Zainal was also seen carrying a Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami Monogramouflauge duffle bag, which reportedly costs USD7,230 (RM30,000).

"We Malays are looked down on in our own land... I came to put a name tag. He (staff) said cannot cause he's worried the bag will get spoiled and I will be angry. I said just put it, what's your problem," Zainal wrote in the comments of the post.

"Then the Chinese manager looked at my face like I'm a poverty-stricken Malay. I said you can't treat me and my friends like monkeys."

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Outraged, Zainal asked for a pair of scissors and began cutting the bag open in front of the staff

"They were thinking [that] I'm a first-time LV buyer. So I cut this in front of you [staff] so, you can see. Those who won't even treat their customer like they treat me, do you understand?" Zainal was heard telling the worker as he cut the bag.

In a separate comment, Zainal wrote that, "They think their LV bags are greater than our dignity."

"Malays in Malaysia shouldn't be looked down on. And don't treat Malays like dogs," he added.

Since then, netizens have expressed mixed reactions towards the man's retaliation

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"Well done brother. They should treat customers equally," wrote one Facebook user, while others relayed their own similar experiences at luxury stores.

However, other netizens didn't agree with the man's behaviour. One person wrote: "Teach them you have class by behaving with no class!? LOL."

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You can watch a video of the incident below:

“Hangpa nak tau apa yang sedang aku perhatikan?? Sebenaqnya aku tak sedaq pun, yang aku ni sedang di layani macam @#%@!!, tapi Sahabat aku ni tiba tiba ‘stand up’, last last aku sedaq, memang champions lah Sahabat aku ni, bila dia kata ‘ni bab maruah Pat!!’ Aku tak suka orang layan kita macam pelaq! Kita baik dengan depa, depa tetap jugak dok ukoq kita kot luaq!!!” woOW!!

Posted by Ismail Ariffin Lepat on Monday, February 25, 2019

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