Man Discovered His Wife's Affair When DNA Tests Showed Their Twins Had Different Fathers

A "double pregnancy" is a one-in-a-million occurrence.

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A man in Fujian, China recently discovered that one of his fraternal twin sons was not biologically his

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The man found out the truth after doing a DNA paternity test on his sons for the family registry, Sin Chew reported.

When he confronted his wife about the DNA test results, she admitted to having a one night stand with another man before getting pregnant

According to Xiamen-based newspaper Strait Herald, the father had wondered why one of his twins did not look like him.

However, he never considered the possibility that he was not the boy's father.

The dad was quoted as saying, "I obviously still want my own child, but I'm unwilling to raise someone else's."

A woman being impregnated by two different men at the same time and delivering fraternal twins is a one-in-a-million occurrence

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Doctors at the Fujian Zhengtai Judicial Authentication Center in Xiamen said that it was a rare case of "heteropaternal superfecundation," when two or more eggs released in the same cycle are fertilised by sperm from different fathers.

She would had to have had sex with both men within hours, or a few days at most.

"They're fraternal twins. A very uncommon and rare case," said the centre's Director Ms Zhang, according to theSun.

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