Man Finds 5 Snakes Hidden In His Air-Conditioner At Home

The incident occurred on Monday, 8 July.

Cover image via Somkiat Thawornsuk/Facebook

A Thai man took to Facebook earlier this week and detailed his late-night ordeal with snakes at home

In a Facebook post, Somkiat Thawornsuk wrote that the peculiar incident happened on Monday, 8 July. 

"Snakes do not care," he added.

Somkiat had turned on the air-conditioner in his house on Monday night before he heard noises from it

According to China Press, the man then decided to open up the air-conditioner to check the source of the noises. 

"I almost screamed," Somkiat wrote in his post, as he saw snakes moving around inside the air-conditioner. 

"I don't know how they got in there, or what kind of snakes they were," he added. 

The man caught a total of five snakes from his air-conditioner

"I only cared about catching and pulling them out of there, and there were five," Somkiat wrote in his Facebook post. 

He also noted that he had a young child at home to be protected if the snakes strike again. 

Meanwhile, China Press reported that the snakes found in Somkiat's home were harmless. They usually enter homes to prey on lizards. 

Somkiat's Facebook post can be viewed here:

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