This Singapore Zoo Tourist Had The Most Hilarious Reaction To A Snake Being Brought Out

She was onstage as part of the zoo's 'Rainforest Fights Back' show.

Cover image via Twitter @_ang03 (Edited by SAYS)

Watching visitors at a zoo barely keep it together, while holding a snake in front of a crowd of strangers, is a common sight for many visitors.

What is uncommon is this woman's reaction.

In a video that was tweeted by Angela Rodriguez on Tuesday, 2 July, a woman - identified only as the sister of Rodriguez's co-worker - has the most hilarious reaction to a large snake being brought out to her.

Image via Twitter @_ang03

"My co-worker's sister wasn't ready man," Rodriguez wrote. The tweet has since gained over 112,000 retweets and 295,000 likes.

In the video, there are two women holding a typically-sized snake onstage together with a zoo staff

The sister of Rodriguez's co-worker is the one wearing a floppy straw hat.

Image via Twitter @_ang03

According to, the video was filmed during Singapore Zoo's 'Rainforest Fights Back' show.

While the other volunteer spots the larger snake coming up...

Image via Twitter @_ang03

... The woman does not - which results in this reaction:

In her hurry to get away, she almost runs straight into the pool of water, but gets caught just in time by the show's presenter

The video provided some much welcomed entertainment, despite how terrible some netizens felt for laughing at her misery

Some netizens responded with even funnier memes and "remixes" of the video

Watch the full video - with the sound on - here:

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