Watch Donnie Yen, Jason Statham, & More Celebs Attempt The Viral #BottleCapChallenge

Can you kick open a bottle of water?

Cover image via Donnie Yen Facebook & Ellie Goulding Facebook (Edited by SAYS)

The aim of the challenge is to unscrew the bottle cap without using your hands

Participants place a bottle on an elevated solid surface with the cap loosely twisted shut. They then have to do a spinning back hook kick aimed at the bottle cap, as a means of unscrewing it.

Easier said than done, as many have ended up kicking over the bottle.

The spinning back hook kick is a popular Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) move so it's no surprise that the challenge started with martial artist Farabi Davletchin

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Designer Errolson Hugh followed soon after and challenged Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Champion Max Holloway, who then challenged John Mayer.

Jason Statham's slow-mo video was also particularly impressive as you can literally see the bottle cap unscrew itself

That is, until Donnie Yen a.k.a. Ip Man stepped it up by doing it blindfolded!

Chirrut feeling the force + Ip man’s steady aim + no plastic bottle = the universe strongest #bottlecapchallenge @sweetcil #donnieyen # #

Posted by Donnie Yen on Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Other celebrities who have been challenged include David Beckham, Naomi Scott, and Will Smith.

Although Malaysians have yet to hop on to the challenge, we're confident we'll see more videos in the next few days, starting with MMA fighter Jihin Radzuan

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Failed version of #bottlecapchallenge

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While we wait for more celebrities to join the bandwagon, here are some past challenges to keep you occupied:

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