Man Discovers His Fiancée Is Married With 2 Kids On His Wedding Day

The woman not only concealed her existing marriage and children but also presented a false identity to her fiancé.

Cover image via Harian Metro & Freepik

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In a surprising turn of events, a man from Kuching, Sarawak, discovered that his fiancée was married with two kids on his supposed wedding day

According to Harian Metro, the man learned the truth on 10 November, the day of the supposed wedding, from the bride's own aunt.

The couple has been engaged since 12 October last year. The man stated that all arrangements for the wedding had been completed, including presenting hantaran (gifts) to the bride's family.

The identities of both individuals involved were not revealed, but the bride is reported to be working as a uniformed member of a government agency.

The man suspected something was amiss when his fiancée disappeared without a trace on 9 November, a day before the wedding

He also discovered that the woman had blocked his phone number when he attempted to contact her.

The man further revealed that upon his family's arrival at a homestay in Daro, where the wedding was supposed to be held, they were shocked to discover that there were no rooms reserved under their names. The rooms were supposed to be booked by the bride.

"Because of extreme fatigue, I had no choice but to use my own money to pay for the homestay and other expenses that were supposed to be covered by the bride. I had to tell my mother that the homestay was already booked," he wrote on Facebook, as reported by Harian Metro.

Image via Harian Metro

Then, upon checking the wedding venue, the man was shocked to find that there were no furnishings or decorations

"I tried calling my fiancée and her father, but neither could be reached. The address was correct, but there was no one there. It was already clear that something was amiss," Harian Metro quoted him as saying.

Unable to reach the bride and her father, the man and his family sought information from a neighbour.

To their astonishment, the neighbour turned out to be the bride's aunt, and during their interaction, the man learned that the name the bride had provided to him was false.

The man also expressed his disbelief at the woman's father's willingness to conspire, questioning how he permitted his daughter — who was already married with two children — to become engaged to him.

"I was speechless, angry, and sad — all emotions were there. It was difficult to find words at that moment. We incurred losses for the wedding preparations, had already divided the hantaran money, and my family's dignity was at stake," he said.

Image via Harian Metro

Following that, the man lodged a police report against the woman

In his post, the man also appealed to the relevant authorities to take stern action against his fiancée.

The man concluded his Facebook post by alluding to the woman's many other acts of deception, adding that he would pursue legal action against her.

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