This Road Bully In Penang Is Allegedly Threatening Drivers Into Giving Him Money

He has been spotted in several hotspots around Penang.

Cover image via Penang Kini Press Facebook

In a photo that's been widely shared on social media, Penangites are being warned of a man who is allegedly harassing other road users into giving him money in several hotspots in Penang

The man, with his right foot in a cast and wearing a blue T-shirt, is shown riding a motorcycle while clutching onto a pair of crutches.

The photo is believed to have been widely circulated on WhatsApp before it was posted by community page Penang Kini Press yesterday, 28 May.

It is reported that the man's modus operandi starts with him accusing car drivers or motorcyclists of not signalling or cutting into his lane

He would then proceed to verbally harass them and even attempt to take away their keys unless they pay him a certain amount of money.

In a report by The Star, one of the people he'd harassed narrated her encounter with him in further detail, saying that he gestured angrily at her for no apparent reason and even hit her car's side mirror

According to The Star, the incident happened about two weeks ago when the woman was driving along Cantonment Road one afternoon.

"As I was about to find a parking lot, he made a U-turn and came to the driver’s side of my car. He then shouted and hit my car’s side mirror. I was numb with shock that I could not react. Luckily, my car window was up. This was my first encounter with a road bully," she said, adding that she did not lodge a police report.

Aside from the woman's encounter, many others have also spotted the man in various areas around Penang, particularly around the General Hospital, Pulau Tikus, Gurney Drive, and Mount Erskine

However, the police have yet to receive any reports in regards to the man's alleged misdemeanours

George Town OCPD Asst Comm Anuar Omar confirmed that the police are aware of the matter. However, he said that no police report has been lodged against the man so far.

What do you think can be done to resolve this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Just a few weeks ago, a blind elderly man was caught holding up traffic in Bangsar and refused to move until someone gave him money:

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