A Guy Left His GF Alone On A Highway Because She Refused To Stay In A Hotel With Him

A Good Samaritan who was on his way home saw the lady and gave her a helping hand.

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When a guy met a lady who was stranded in the middle of the highway recently, he was initially hesitant to stop in fears of rampant ongoing syndicates

Adib Shukrie took to Twitter to share what happened on Sunday, 7 May, when he was riding his motorcycle to head back to his rented house when he noticed a lady who was walking alone along the highway at 4am.

In a series of tweets, he explained what had transpired in the wee hours of the morning.

"At first when I saw the girl, I was wary of helping her. Fear of crime syndicates. But I went to the nearest exit and made a decision (to turn back and help her)."

"While I was on the way to turn back, I saw a police car. I rode further and saw three cars that got into an accident. I forgot about the woman momentarily."

When he arrived at the accident site, Adib stopped to learn about what happened

From his brief chat with the crowd, he learned that two cars were chasing another car believed to be driven by a robber, and they eventually crashed into the robber's car.

"The people there said that the robbers had samurai sword and one of the drivers who chased the robber was attacked using the sword. The robbers managed to escape as they whisked into a roadside bush," Adib wrote in a tweet.

He immediately remembered the lady who was walking alone by the highway.

"When they said that the robbers escaped through a roadside bush, I thought of the lady earlier. The bush is just next to the highway."

Adib had unknowingly spent about 30 minutes at the site and he was shocked that the lady was still on the highway when he returned to find her

"At first, I was nervous to approach her but I took the courage and asked the lady why she was sitting by the highway by herself."

"She said that she was waiting for a friend to come fetch her. It was strange - how can her friends just leave her here?"

Adib said he didn't question her because she looked rather reluctant to share her story. Instead, he told her about the accident and the robbers earlier, and warned her to be careful.

"After telling her this, she was fearful and called her friend. I told her that I could accompany her while she waited for her friend to come."

The lady's friend called back a few minutes later and said that he lost his way as he was not familiar with the Cyberjaya area

Adib talked to the lady's friend over the phone to give him some directions but he was still lost. So, he suggested for them to meet up at the McDonald's outlet in Putrajaya instead.

Adib told the lady that he could offer her a ride there if she was comfortable with the idea.

"She's okay but she was wearing tight clothing and it may be difficult to get on a motorcycle. She didn't wear anything sexy, wears a tudung, but her clothing was tight. In the end, she managed to get on my motorcycle."

"I rode slowly because I was afraid that she would fall off the bike," Adib wrote, adding that the distance from the place he met her and the McDonald' is pretty far apart.

When they reached Putrajaya, the lady's friend was not there yet. That was when she finally opened up and shared with Adib what had happened to her.

"She went out with her boyfriend and the guy invited her to check into a hotel together but she refused. They got into a fight in the car and the guy just left her along the highway," Adib wrote.

"So inhumane. I'm embarrassed that such a guy like him exists."

"I swear that I felt sorry for the lady. Fortunately, nothing happened to her when she was stranded on the highway."

Soon, a person arrived and introduced herself as the lady's cousin sister. She thanked Adib continuously for lending a helping hand.

Adib learned that he was talking to the cousin sister's brother as he was the one driving earlier and lost his way.

According to the cousin sister, the lady has been admonished for hanging out with her boyfriend frequently but she was stubborn.

"This girl just came to Putrajaya from Terengganu two to three months ago. She's a case of culture shock and lack of attention, according to her (the cousin sister)."

"She's only 20. Very easily influenced. But Alhamdulillah, she didn't get caught up and check in. That means she still has the will to take care of herself."

Adib said that his intention of sharing this story is so that this will be a lesson that everyone can learn from

"The guys, be a gentleman even if you were rejected. The girls, be careful with whom you go out with," Adib said.

"Sometimes, even the people we trust will betray us and it will be very difficult to trust anyone again after that."

"Last advice, what you give you get back. People help us, we help people back. Don't be so calculative. People have helped me many times when I was stranded on the road. Tolerate and be a human being."

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