Man Nearly Dies After Shoving Up An Eel Up His Anus To Cure Constipation

The 49-year-old almost died after shoving an eel up his backside as an unproven folk remedy to treat constipation.

Cover image via South China Morning Post

In a desperate bid to cure his constipation, a 49-year-old man from China inserted a live, moving eel into his anus

According to South China Morning Post, the man, surnamed Liu, was quickly rushed to the hospital after he felt a sharp pain in his stomach.

Doctors saw that Liu's stomach was swollen to an abnormal size and rushed him into surgery immediately.

During the operation, doctors were shocked to find a swamp eel in his stomach along with faeces and food residue

Liu told doctors that he inserted the eel into his anus in an effort to clear the blockage. He believed that the method was an "ancient folk medicine" used to treat constipation.

The eel had broken through his intestines, creating a mess inside his abdominal cavity that nearly killed him

Image via Guangzhou Daily

"We asked Mr. Liu when we spotted the eel in his stomach, he said the eel went into his anus by mistake. But after the surgery, he told us that he actually put an eel inside his anus himself,” said surgeon Dr. Zhao Zhirong as quoted by Nextshark.

He also added that the situation could have been much worse had he waited to come to the hospital.

The eel was already dead when the doctors took it out. The man is currently recovering in the hospital

Image via Guangzhou Daily

Eels are a common fish that's found in many parts of China. Back in 2010, a man died after inserting an eel into his anus as a "joke". The fish chewed his way through his bowels, causing injuries which were fatal.

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