College In PJ Goes After Sexist Group Chat After They Joked About Raping A Student

Despite what Donald Trump says, "locker room talk" is no excuse for degrading and objectifying women.

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"She gonna kena rape from me... then she must marry me."

Imagine finding out that that's what a bunch of strangers are talking about doing to you in a secret WhatsApp group. Well, it's exactly what happened to a female student who'd just started her term at a private college in PJ.

In a series of tweets, the female student expressed her fury upon finding out that she had become part of a crude conversation in a group chat that existed simply to "critique the new batch of females"

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She'd found out about the sexist WhatsApp group after someone who appeared to have access to the group sent her screenshots of the conversation.

"I promised to keep the identity a secret, but tbh, if you're in the group (that) means you're just as bad," she tweeted.

"Highlights" from the screenshots include implying that one of its members "want to wank" when he asked about the female student's Instagram handle, mocking her boyfriend, and most astoundingly, a rape joke

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

The student's Twitter thread was posted on Facebook, spreading the tweets and screenshots from the WhatsApp convo far and wide on social media. Obviously, no one is impressed:

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It is understood that the college's management is aware of the situation and is currently investigating the matter

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In a separate comment, the college's student council also assured that those involved in the group chat "will be named" and have action taken against them for their "unacceptable behaviour".

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The female student has also assured those who are following the issue that she has talked to the college's "higher ups", although she maintains that her main intention to "encourage and instill respect for women" still stands

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"I'm not doing this for the publicity. I want to encourage and instill respect for women and (to stress that) RAPE is not cool," she tweeted.

Do you think the members of the WhatsApp group chat should be punished for their behaviour? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

While being talked about crudely may seem like a small matter to some, do remember that women are also experiencing this kind of treatment in public spaces:

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