Man Seeking Female Housemate For "Company" Claims He Will Pay Her RM10k A Month

Whoever is chosen to fill the vacancy will not need to provide a security deposit or pay any rent.

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A person claiming to be a straight, single, male entrepreneur in Singapore has set up a website in an effort to look for his ideal female housemate

On the website, the man - who claimed that his name is 'Martin SD' - explained that he is searching for someone to stay in his new condo unit, which will apparently be completed in a few weeks’ time.

While he included photos of different rooms of a condominium in the listing, Mothership reported that the photos were taken from a variety of different sources online.

Apparently, whoever is chosen to fill the vacancy will not need to provide a security deposit or pay any rent.

"To be honest and upfront, I am looking for an arrangement," 'Martin' wrote.

According to 'Martin', his ideal female housemate will only be required to spend a little time with him while he is in Singapore, as all he seeks is "company".

He listed his expectations as "fun, pleasure, good conversations, watching movies, fine dining, shopping, travelling (optional), and intimacy".

In addition to "bearing all expenses", 'Martin' also claimed that he will reimburse his future female housemate with a monthly allowance starting from SGD3,500 (RM10,677)

He explained that this allowance will be "in return for your time and company".

The man claimed that the housemate will have the option to stay in the same room with him or in a separate room and not have to accompany him daily.

On the days that he is not in Singapore, the woman can choose to have minimal contact with him.

"You can even invite guests over (when I am away on my business trip) and do normal cooking in the kitchen. Expenses for groceries and toiletries will also be covered by me," the post read.

On what he looks for in a housemate, the man said that he "does not have a preset criteria".

However, he did indicate that "what is most important is chemistry".

According to the man, physical traits such as looks, age, and status are secondary.

"We can do an initial meeting, which will take place in a public location and will take approximately an hour or so, where it will just be solely chatting and discussion (no physical contact)," he said.

"Thereafter, we both consider both parties' terms and conditions and decide whether to proceed with the arrangement or decline," he added.

The man included his phone number for WhatsApp as well as ID for Telegram, LINE, and WeChat for those who are interested to contact him

"If you are intrigued/interested, please leave me a message with a brief self-introduction including your contact info. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask me," he wrote.

According to Mothership, however, the WhatsApp number is not in use.

In a turn of events, a SAYS reader verified that 'Martin' had used images from his Instagram account without permission.

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