Malaysian Shares How Her Family Rescued 12 Stray Dogs That Were About To Be Killed

"They had nowhere to go."

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A netizen's heartwarming story about how her family came to adopt 12 stray dogs has gone viral on social media

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Her Twitter post on 7 June has garnered over 8,000 retweets at the time of writing.

The woman, who declined to be named, told SAYS that her father had rescued the stray animals back in 2014 when a city council was planning to shoot them

The dogs were living in a jungle near a housing development at the time.

"They had nowhere to go," she wrote.

The netizen included a photo of the first dog the family ever adopted, Blacky.

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In the Twitter thread, she also posted photos of some of their other adorable adopted pets

"This is Bella and Sasat, the sweetest bunch," the woman wrote.

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"The brown one is Magic. The fat big sister. The vet said she needs to diet a little," another post read.

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"Look at Edward and Jacob and my dad. Mengada gila," she added.

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Not pictured in the thread are their other dogs Gegirl, Bellbell, Jacob, Edward, Noisy, and Whitey.

Since the dogs are "very well behaved and loving", she explained that it is easy for the Muslim family to care for them.

"They respect my dad. When he walks around in a jubah they know it's prayer clothes, so they don't come near him," she said.

"For those who wonder about how we samak (cleanse after touching a wet dog), we use Sabun Taharah," she said.

The woman explained that they wash the clothes of whoever the dogs touched or licked before throwing it into the washing machine.

She also added that the adopted dogs get along well with the family's pet cats.

Since her Twitter thread went viral, netizens have praised the woman and her family for their compassion towards animals

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Many Twitter users also defended the woman against netizens arguing that Muslims should not keep dogs as pets.

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