Man Orders Food From Restaurant 1KM Away From His Home But Receives It 2 Hours Later

To make matters worse, the rider did not even bother delivering the order to Tai's front door.

Cover image via Tai KX (Facebook)

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A Singaporean man recently expressed his frustrations on Facebook after he ordered food from a restaurant that was only 1km away from his home

The man, Tai KX, said that he ordered his meal through the foodpanda application at around 6pm on Sunday, 15 January,

Following his order, the application informed him that his meal would be delivered within 30 to 40 minutes.

At 6.53pm, he was only notified that his food had been collected by the rider. The estimated delivery time then was three minutes.

However, again, the 26-year-old's order did not arrive within the expected time.

Tai said he then used foodpanda's global positioning system (GPS) feature to track his food.

He discovered that the rider had definitely picked up his food from Compass One, but was no longer at the shopping mall.

So, the customer proceeded to message him and inquire about his order.

"Have you collected the food? It stated that you have collected it," Tai asked the rider.

The rider then explained that he had stacked orders and asked Tai if he could wait for his food a little longer.

Tai, frustrated by the ordeal, tried to contact someone on the app's help desk but was directed to five different agents

However, after speaking to them, the man said that his problem was still not solved. Instead, he only received automated bot responses from foodpanda who offered him a voucher for SGD4 (RM13) as compensation for the terrible experience.

At 8pm, Tai messaged the rider again, and the rider came clean that he was actually using two devices simultaneously to get more orders at once, and was juggling five.

"I've been monitoring the [rider's] GPS since around 7.15pm, it's very clear that the rider collected my food and went to another place to wait and collect a different order," said Tai.

The rider finally delivered Tai's food at 8.18pm, but he did not even bother to deliver the order to the customer's front door

Once the rider arrived at his location, he simply said to Tai, "Left [the food] at [the] void deck table, go take."

"I was amazed by such behaviour," Tai said, adding that the rider was a "coward".

Speaking to AsiaOne, Tai said that he understood the difficulties of a delivery rider's job, but that this particular rider had crossed the line and was too unreasonable.

"I do understand riders work hard to earn a living. Delay a bit can understand (sic). But the rider's GPS location monitoring is very obvious. [He was] not being understanding enough to the customer and [delayed my order] for one hour and 20 mins," Tai told AsiaOne.

"If the rider delivered [the food] to my unit, I wouldn't scold the rider. But by leaving the food at the void deck, it's really ridiculous."

The empty deck table where Tai's rider left his order.

Image via Tai KX (Facebook)

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