Man Raped His Neighbour After Spying On Her Breastfeeding Her Child

The man threatened her with a machete.

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On 15 July, a 33-year-old woman in Indonesia was raped by a neighbour after he spied on her breastfeeding her child from his house

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The suspect and the victim, known as MS, both live in South Sumatra, Sosok reported.

After claiming to be aroused by the sight of MS breastfeeding her infant, the 38-year-old snuck into her house at midnight and threatened her with a machete

According to the police, the victim was too afraid to fight back as she thought he would hurt her and her child. 

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He then raped her in her home.

The victim's husband, who was out hunting for frogs at the time, returned to find her crying and in shock

He then lodged a police report and the police caught the suspect shortly after.

"The suspect admitted that he found her breastfeeding her baby sexually arousing, and that led him to the act of rape," Kapolres Musirawas AKBP Suhendro said.

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The 38-year-old is currently under trial. If found guilty, the suspect will face five years imprisonment, Sosok reported.

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