Video Shows An Indian Family Being Publicly Shamed For Stealing Items From Hotel In Bali

Among the things the family stole: Hairdryer, soap dispenser, mirror, hanger, and artifact.

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On Saturday, 27 July, a twitter user shared video footage of an incident that happened in Bali, Indonesia. The video showed a hotel staff rummaging through the luggage of an Indian family who had checked out of the hotel to leave for their flight back home.

The two-minute and 20-seconds long video showed staffers of the hotel recover the hotel's stolen properties from the Indian family's luggage.

During their search, the hotel staff found a hairdryer, soap dispenser, mirror, hanger, artefact and other decorative pieces that the Indian family stole from their room.

As the hotel staff continues to frisk their luggage, a man from the family gets into an altercation with the staff, saying that he is willing to "pay" for the items.

"It's not about money, I know you have a lot of money. This is no respect... You come to Bali, you stay here, but no respect," a staff member chides the family.

However, as the hotel staff demands an explanation, the family members apologise, offering him "extra money" and reminding them that they have a plane to catch.

While the video doesn't show the initial exchange that took place between the hotel staff and the family, it appears the family was yelling at the hotel staff when they asked to check their luggage

"You yelling to us. Now we can prove, you stop. Why you yelling just now?" a member of the hotel staff says, as a woman's voice can be heard saying "sorry, sorry, sorry".

"Stop yelling... stop yelling. Now you're cooling down. See after we can prove it, now you're cooling down. Before you yell at us like hell," the hotel staff can be heard saying while the woman seen in the video directs her family to remain quiet.

One of the men of the family, who had offered to pay for the stolen items, then turns towards other members and chides them, saying:

If you had asked me to buy you INR50 million worth of stuff, I would have gladly done it. What will we do with these items anyway? Make pickles?

The video then ends with the woman putting the blame on the children as another man in an olive green T-shirt joins his hands to apologise to a staff member and take him to a side to talk to him

"I understand this happened in Bali. Having lived in Indonesia and visited Bali, I can personally vouch for Indonesians being the gentlest, most respectful people I have met. They hold India and Indians in very high esteem and it's gut-wrenching to see us in such a compromised position," added the man who uploaded the original video on Twitter.

Other Indians on Twitter reacted sharply to the family's action, calling it an "embarrassment" and a "disgrace to the image" of India

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