Video Shows An Indonesian Traffic Cop Being Carried On A Car Hood For 100 Metres

The motorist was trying to cross a red light.

Cover image via Twitter/@altefalken

A traffic cop in Indonesia put his life on the line when he jumped on the hood of a moving car after the driver tried running a red light

The incident was captured on a video, which showed the traffic cop - identified as Brigadier Natan Doris E.S. - trying to stop the motorist by laying the hood of the car.

According to Coconuts, the incident took place at around 11am on Pasirkaliki Road in Bandung on 25 July. The 11-second video, which was shared on Twitter by a passenger from a different car, has since received over 1.3 million views.

In the video, the car could be seen moving with the traffic cop lying face down on the hood while clinging on to the car

According to West Java Police’s PR chief Grand Commissioner Trunoyudo Wisnu Andiko, another traffic cop had instructed the motorist to stop the car, but he continued driving instead.

“At that time, Brigadier Natan tried to stop the black car with plate number B 1980 PRF from crossing the red light,” Trunoyudo said, adding that the traffic cop then jumped on the car hood.

However, the motorist continued driving for 100 metres with Natan laying on top of the hood before the car finally came to a halt.

Fortunately, the traffic cop did not sustain any injuries from the incident

West Java Police’s PR chief Grand Commissioner Trunoyudo Wisnu Andiko

Image via Instagram/TMC Polrestabes Bandung

“After the car stopped, Brigadier Natan checked the driver’s identity. There were no dangerous items found in the car, then he proceeded to ticket the driver,” said Trunoyodo.

The 24-year-old motorist may face criminal charges for his actions. In the meantime, his driving license has been confiscated, the Grand Commissioner added.

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