Woman Asked Friend To Be Her Husband's Second Wife So That He Is Well Taken Care Of

"After my divorce, I wasn't sure I would marry again, let alone marry someone else's husband."

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A woman's Facebook post about her happy polygamous marriage is garnering attention on social media

According to a Facebook post on 22 July, Nur Fathonah was caught off guard when her new friend, known as Khuzatul Atiqah, asked if she would consider sharing a husband with her.

"I never thought I'd be in a polygamous relationship. After divorcing my ex-husband, I wasn't sure I would marry again, let alone marry someone else's husband," she wrote.

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Exhausted from her pregnancy, Khuzatul thought that she could not take care of her husband on her own

That was when she met Nur Fathonah and the two hit it off.

On their second meeting, Khuzatul asked her if she would consider being her husband's second wife.

"He looked so tired that I felt bad for him so I decided to find a second wife for my husband," she said, according to The Reporter.

She explained that she initially thought it was a joke, and assured the woman to not take pity on her because she was raising her children alone.

After dodging several requests to meet, Nur Fathonah eventually agreed to meet the couple for buka puasa during Ramadan.

"That was a turning point in my life," she wrote.

Khuzatul explained to her what she envisioned for a potential polygamous relationship.

"She then proposed to me to be her husband's second wife, and said that she felt a strong gut feeling that I was the one she was searching for," the post read.

The single mother decided to think it over.

During another dinner together, she "began to see how beautiful the couple's family was", and how happy her own kids were with the couple's children.

As she got to know the couple more and spent more time with the man, Nur Fathomah felt that they were good influences as they cared for her well-being and constantly reminded her about her faith

"That was when I realised that women actually need someone to guide them. Even though I used to feel as though I didn't need a man in my life, I was wrong," she wrote.

"Allah made men to lead and women to follow," she added.

Nur Fathonah became more confident that she was meant to join the couple's family, and eventually accepted the proposal with "an open heart".

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"My eyes are now open to the beauty of a polygamous marriage. We do everything together, help each other, and together we provide the best for our husband," Nur Fathonah said

She revealed that her children are also happier with their new siblings and that the arrangement works well for all parties.

"Some people would say that this is still new, so that's why it feels nice, but to me when we do right by God and know our purpose, we will be protected on all fronts," she wrote.

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