Man Records Himself Brutally Abusing A Dog In Front Of His Daughter

Reports have claimed that the animal has since passed away.

Cover image via Line Today

A video of a man punching a dog in a bathroom has gone viral since he uploaded it on Chinese social media platforms

Image via Line Today

The video is believed to have been taken in February by a man in Yiwu City, China, Line Today reported.

The man can be seen smiling as he held the helpless animal's head in a firm grip and punched it repeatedly

Image via Line Today

A young child, presumed to be his daughter, can be heard speaking to him in the background as the man carried out the abuse.

The dog soon began to bleed from its nose and mouth

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Image from Line Today
Image via Line Today

While the dog is visibly conscious by the end of the video, reports have claimed that the animal has since passed away.

In response to the video, Chinese activists are allegedly planning to offer a reward to whoever can identify the man behind the act

A netizen has since started a petition on Yousign directed at the Chinese premier, Li Keqiang, for stricter animal welfare laws in the country.

"Help protect the animals of China from people like this!" wrote Vonda Richey.

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