Man Single-Handedly Saves His Favourite Nasi Lemak Stall From Closing Down

"I've been eating nasi lemak here since I was seven years old," he said.

Cover image via Sunny Coco (Facebook)

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A loyal customer came to the rescue of his favourite nasi lemak stall after hearing that it was going to be shut down

The man, Sunny Seow, recently shared on Facebook about how much the mak cik's stall meant to him.

"I've been eating nasi lemak here since I was seven years old. Her family started the business from her grandfather's time, and now it has reached the third generation," wrote the businessman with 35,000 followers on Facebook.

He said buses no longer stopped near the building run by Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) in Kulai, Johor, leading to fewer customers over the years.

"The shop's rent was also one year overdue. Mak cik cried and told me that the building management had issued her a warning letter to stop her business.

"So, without hesitation, I handed her cash and asked her to pay the government agency back that very evening," he said.

Seow added that he was angered by the fact that a 50-year-old shop would be asked to close down

"I told her to pay the government agency immediately, and if they didn't allow her lease to continue, I would confront them," he said.

"This [nasi lemak] is the signature dish of a family from Kulai for three generations, I will ensure they continue their business," he added.

The Facebook post went viral, garnering over 3,400 likes and 230 comments, with netizens praising the man for his kind deed

"Thank you so much, bro. I hope the shop's business will improve and attract many customers again," said a Facebook user.

Image via Facebook

"That's the Malaysian spirit. God bless you and your family, as well as the nasi lemak mak cik," said another.

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, another concerned netizen said, "It's a pity that there's not enough footfall there. She can be helped this year, but maybe not next year. I hope you can help her change her business location or move her close to your taufufah business so she can prosper too!"

Image via Facebook

In an update, Seow said the top management of MARA has seen his Facebook post and agreed to allow the mak cik to continue renting the space for her business

In a Facebook post, MARA chairman Datuk Dr Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki said he was touched by Seow's dedication to help the vendor at Arked MARA Kulai.

"I have instructed the team to investigate the issue and take action to help ease the mak cik's burdens," he said.

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