Man Sets Mercedes-Benz On Fire Because His Dad Wouldn't Pay For His Booze

It was a black 2012 CLS 250 CDI Mercedes-Benz model.

Cover image via The Thaiger

The son of a property developer in Thailand recently set his Mercedes-Benz on fire because his father refused to pay for his drinking bill

According to a news report by The Thaiger on 5 August, Kittisak Kritklao had racked up THB5,000 (RM684) at Tawan Daeng Pub in Udon Thani, Thailand. 

At that time, Kittisak did not have any money with him and told pub employees that he would get the money from his father back home. 

As Kittisak was a regular customer, the pub employees let him off.

Image via Thai Visa

However, when Kittisak returned home, his father refused to give him money to foot the bill

Out of anger, the son of the property developer drove away from his home, crashed into a bridge on the Ban Leuam to Na Sai road, and ended up in a paddock.

According to Forum Thai Visa, Kittisak drove a black 2012 CLS 250 CDI Mercedes-Benz model that was on hire purchase agreement and was owned by a bank.

He then drenched the front part of the car with gasoline before setting it on fire

Although police and firemen managed to put out the fire, the front part of the car was completely destroyed while the back remained unaffected.

Image via The Thaiger

Meanwhile, Kittisak's friends arrived at the scene and sent him to the hospital.

According to The Thaiger, the property developer claimed that his son was suffering from mental illness and liked to cause a ruckus. 

The Udon Thani police shared that they would speak to Kittisak, also known as 'Sia Toom Tam' when he recovers.

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