Man Who Lit The Firecracker Which Killed A 7-Year-Old Was Fined RM100

Nuraqira died on 18 June after suffering severe head injuries.

Cover image via New Straits Times

On 14 June, 7-year-old Nuraqira Khaeefa Mohd Saad was struck by shrapnel from a firecracker lit by Nor Isham Tukiman in Felda Papan Timur, Kota Tinggi

The charge sheet revealed that Nor Isham was accused of placing the lit firecracker on a PVC pipe with the intention of launching it into the sky, New Straits Times reported.

However, the firecracker exploded on the ground in front of the victim's grandfather's house, where she was playing with several cousins.

Nuraqira suffered serious head injuries and died four days later at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital without ever regaining consciousness.

Nor Isham pleaded guilty to a charge under Section 3(1) of the Minor Offences Act 1955

Magistrate Mazana Sinin reminded the accused that there is a reason why the government has banned fireworks, and that a license must be obtained in order to light them.

"Your action not only endangered yourself, in this case, it caused the death of a girl. Although unintentional, you have to use logic to see if your actions could be dangerous. I am giving you a last warning," said Mazana.

Under the Act, any person who lets off a firework without a license shall be liable to a fine not exceeding RM100, or to a one-month imprisonment, or to both.

Nor Isham was asked to pay a RM100 fine.

"If I find you being charged with playing firecrackers again after this, I will send you to jail," she said.

The accused's family paid the fine, New Straits Times reported.

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