Malaysians Are Voicing Out After Their eMADANI Claims Were Rejected

Some were unable to use the e-wallet credit, despite being successful in claiming them.

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Netizens have flooded social media with outrage and disappointment over their unsuccessful eMADANI claims

On December 4, the government officially rolled out the RM100 eMADANI credit to some 10 million eligible Malaysians.

However, many netizens reported not being successful in claiming the e-wallet credit, voicing their dissatisfaction over the lack of transparency in the application process.

One person, who applied through the Touch 'n Go E-Wallet app, questioned why their claim was rejected, even though they were certain that they met the eligibility criteria.

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Some netizens questioned the eMADANI eligibility criteria

One user shared many reasons why they thought the initiative is flawed, pointing out that it does not benefit those who are unemployed, those who have recently lost their jobs, or fresh graduates who have never submitted an income tax claim.

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One user felt that the eligibility criteria for the redemption is very strict.

"If you have not registered with the Sumbangan Tunai Rahmah (STR) database and not submitted your Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) e-filing, you won't be entitled for the claim. Most people with salaries lower than RM3,800 have not done e-filing. Those who are aged between 21 to 25 years old have not e-filing and probably won't know what STR is," they said.

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Meanwhile, other netizens, particularly those who use Maybank's MAE app, were experiencing difficulties in spending the credits

An X user shared they couldn't use their eMADANI credit, despite trying at two different retail stores.

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Another user shared they wanted to spend their eMADANI credit on new shirts, but in the end, they had to use their own money to pay for them instead.

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Ministry of Finance's Secretary-General of Treasury, Datuk Johan Mahmood Merican, has responded to these complaints. According to a report in The Star, he explained that these problems may have arose because the eMADANI target group is less tech-savvy and that certain conditions have to be fulfilled for verification purposes.

"Every programme by the government has a cut-off date. The 2022 LHDN income tax filing is the latest that we have," he said.

He added that people may address their complaints via email to [email protected] or contact the hotline at 03-88824565 or 03-88824566."

Be cautious of people offering cash-out services for eMADANI credits:

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