This Married Couple Cannot Have Children Because Of What Their Parents Did 20 Years Ago

A father faces the consequences of his decision to have an affair twenty long years ago with deep regret when his daughter decides to start a family of her own.

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Wei and Qing, a young married couple of two years in China, were shocked to learn that they are actually brothers and sisters

This real-life story comes from China and reads like a heart-wrenching Asian drama. A young married couple recently found out that they are actually brother and sister due to a terrible secret, just when they were planning to have a baby.

The couple's relationship started out like a love story of dreams. They were childhood friends from the same village who fell in love with each other.

Wei and Qing (aliases) both grew up in the same city in Jiangxi Province. They lived near each other and had known each other since they were youngsters. Wei is 4 years older than Qing and always looked after her the way a big brother would. Their relationship gradually began to change ever so subtlety, eventually becoming a romantic relationship.

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They had always been teased by their friends for looking alike

They got married and have been living a pretty nice life together since. Friends joked that they looked alike. Usually it's considered an auspicious sign when the husband and wife match each other well in looks.

The young couple got a marriage certificate without any problems, and lived happily together. Other people often teased them, that they looked so similar, especially Wei, who looked more and more like he could be Bao Gen’s (the wife's father) son and Qing's elder brother.

Whenever someone made such a joke, Qing's father, Bao, would look very uncomfortable. Recently, the young couple decided it was time to have a baby.

When the couple decided to get married, the wife's father, Bao Gen, quietly gave his consent to the marriage

Last year, they decided to get married. Wei's mother had passed away when he was only a child and his father gave his consent to the marriage. Qing's mother liked Wei, but her father kept quiet and did not say anything.

Although he realised that Wei might be a blood relative, he wasn’t brave enough to stop the marriage between the two youngsters, nor was he brave enough to bring the events of 20 years ago out in the open, so he chose to remain silent.

When the couple decided to have a baby together, Bao Gen had a crippling family secret to confess

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Then this year, the couple decided to have a child. But here, Bao Gen suddenly revealed a deep secret.

Not long ago, the wife’s father suddenly spoke of a secret: it turns out that many years ago, he and the husband’s mother were secret lovers. Later on, the husband’s mother became pregnant, while the wife’s father fell in love and married someone else.

The wife's father admitted that he and the husband's mother were once secret lovers in their youths who bore a son together

It turned out that twenty-some years ago, when Bao was a young bachelor, he had an affair with Wei's mother. Bao lived next door to Wei's parents, but the husband was frequently away. Gradually Bao and the young, lonely woman became friends, and then the friends turned into lovers. Their affair lasted for about two years. After Wei's mother became pregnant with Wei, Bao met someone else, got married, and had a baby named Wei.

Bao confessed that he did not have the courage to tell them about this long-ago affair in order to prevent their marriage, despite the strong possibility that Wei was his son.

The couple and the father went for a DNA test only to confirm the suspicions about their blood relationship

The young couple decided to do a paternity test. In early November, after taking blood samples from Wei and Bao Gen at the Furong Forensic Centre of the No. 2 Provincial People’s Hospital, they carried out a DNA test. The results came out very quickly: the probability that they were blood relatives was over 99.9% and, according to international practice, this supported the fact that a biological father-son relationship existed between them. This meant that Wei and Qing were brother and sister.

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The secret could have continued to be hidden as the husband's mother has been dead for over 20 years

On top of that, the husband’s mother has been dead for over 20 years, so this secret was almost buried forever, up until this young married couple decided to have a child…

It is not known what the couple will decide to do next

On November 20th, legal medical expert and head of the material evidence examination room at the Forensic Centre, Dr Huang Jian, said it was currently unknown how Cao Wei and Xiao Qian would deal with their marriage. She believes that Bao Gen’s irresponsibility not only thoroughly discredits him, but has also deeply hurt his children.

At the time of reporting, it was not known what this young couple would do next. The older generation's wrongful behavior has certainly inflicted an indelible harm to the innocent younger generation.

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