Pedophile 'Math Genius' Is Now At UKM And Allegedly Thinks "What He Did Was Not Wrong"

“Unless something new comes up, I will assume that he has changed,” Nur Fitri’s PhD professor said.

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The Malaysian "math genius" who served nine months in a UK prison for possessing over 30,000 child pornographic materials is making headlines again

Nur Fitri Azmeer Nordin, who was a third-year student at Imperial College London when he pleaded guilty to 13 offences including the possession and production of child pornography, was offered another chance to complete his studies in any MARA institution of his choosing upon his release.

He was then secretly brought home to Malaysia after serving his shortened sentence in 2015.

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His name became the topic of Twitterverse recently after a netizen shared that the convicted pedophile is currently studying at University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

"Watch out people of Bangi, the pedophile who got caught in London and brought back to Malaysia because the 'genius' is in UKM now," read the tweet, which was posted on 21 August.

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Since the tweet went viral, a professor at UKM’s Science and Technology faculty confirmed that the 27-year-old is currently pursuing a PhD under his supervision

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"Actually, he registered to be a Masters student and managed to complete his Masters in a year. Throughout the time he succeeded in producing good work and achieved good results," the man told mStar on 22 August.

He explained that after being approved by the university, Nur Fitri was able to transfer to become a PhD student.

The professor, whom Nur Fitri works closely with, said that he "does not have a problem" with the convicted pedophile.

"I admit he is very smart. In terms of percentage of genius... I would say he makes the top five percent."

According to mStar, when Nur Fitri first enrolled in the university, the professor told him to start fresh.

"I told him directly, I know his story. He told me that what he did was not wrong," he said.

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After the professor acknowledged that human beings make mistakes, the pair agreed to leave Nur Fitri's crimes in the past.

"Up until now, it's thumbs up from me. Unless something new comes up, I will assume that he has changed," the professor said

"People will always want to see the bad side only, why don't we try and see his new side as well," he added.

The man also revealed that Nur Fitri has been entrusted to give tutorials to other students, and that there have been no complaints as of yet.

Several netizens have since echoed the professor's sentiments, arguing that people should be given second chances as "people are capable of change"

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Image via Twitter

However, many Twitter users pointed out that that the crimes he was convicted of were too serious to dismiss, and that people should still be cautious

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"This is a pedophile we're talking about. The safety of our loved ones are at stake," a tweet read.

Several netizens also criticised those defending Nur Fitri.

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