There's A New Syndicate That Delivers Medical Certs To Your Doorstep

The medical certificates are said to be delivered in about three days through Pos Laju.

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We've all been there - feigning sickness for an MC to get a day or two off work.

The whole process fills you with guilt and is highly uncomfortable but there's a new scam in town that may change that.

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A recent undercover investigation by The Malay Mail Online revealed the existence of a "service" that allows you to order medical certificates (MC) through WhatsApp

The MC's purchased by the Malay Mail Online reporter, delivered though Pos Laju.

Image via The Malay Mail Online

According to the report by The Malay Mail Online today, 5 September, they had apparently come across the service through a name card that was left on a vehicle in Kota Damansara.

Using the number of the name card, a Malay Mail journalist had ordered two MCs via WhatsApp on 27 August, and three days later, the MCs were delivered to the reporter's house.

The report also mentioned that the MCs can also be ordered through the supplier's Facebook page.

After a quick search, we found a Facebook page that might be linked to the same scam. It comes equipped with contact details and the promise of hassle-free MC delivery.

The suspected MC scam's Facebook page.

Image via Facebook

The page looks relatively new, with the oldest post dating back to 16 May.

What's really interesting is that they even provide special promotions for MC purchases:

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It was also reported that an MC usually costs RM30 but the Malay Mail reporter was charged RM50 for each MC as they had requested for MCs from different clinics

The supplier had also included a complimentary MC along with the two requested ones.

"You will be given a tracking code to monitor the delivery process of your MCs, so you wouldn’t have to worry about it not reaching you.

"You have the option of using the complimentary MC for one of your requested off day or choose to keep it," said the supplier that identified himself at Dave Nadiniel, as reported by The Malay Mail Online.

"The clinics are mostly around Klang Valley, so your employer would not suspect you providing a fake MC," assured Dave, according to the report.

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Two of the clinics named in the MCs received by The Malay Mail were Mediviron Subang and Medijaya Damansara Utama.

Eager to shed light on the matter, the English daily had visited both the clinics only to find out that the doctors were completely shocked and unaware of this scam that has been going on.

"This is embarrassing as I never would have thought I would be a victim of syndicates supplying fake MCs," said Dr Amanjit Kaur of Mediviron Subang to Malay Mail, adding that she has been warned by family and friends to be more careful of scams like this.

She further clarified that the official template of her MC is very different from the one issued by the syndicate.

Meanwhile, Dr Ng Ee Vern from Medijaya Damansara Utama was equally perplexed by the situation, stressing that he didn't think people would go to this extent just for the sake of MCs

"I have never dealt with an issue like this. Despite knowing there is a demand for fake MCs, I did not expect it to reach this extent," added Dr Ng.

He also said that the MCs issued by him are of different size and font, compared to the ones sold by the syndicate.

Would you buy MCs from a syndicate like this? Let us know what you think about this issue in the comment section below!

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